Learn Green at EvCC

From EvCC’s Sustainability page, learn how we help make our campus green.

  • We seek financial stability by developing strong and diverse revenue streams.
  • We invest in our employees.
  • We invest in physical facilities to enhance the learning environment.
  • We practice environmental, economic, and social sustainability across the campus.
  • We are responsible stewards of our limited resources – proactive in fiscal planning and efficient in our practices.


EvCC has developed a range of classes that include sustainability components including hands-on as well as classroom learning

Below: STEM Whitehorse Garden; Student lead sustainability education campaign;  LEED tours and training.

Source: Learn Green | Everett Community College

Sustainable Food Service

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EvCC’s contracted food service provider, Lancer Hospitality, shares how they support “Green Events”:

Lancer is committed to managing a responsible operation that models sustainable practices.

Lancer sources local products whenever possible to get fresh ingredients as well as to reduce transportation costs and emissions. Eating locally grown and produced food not only reduces the consumption of fossil fuels in the transport of food products over long distances, but also often eliminates wasteful packaging materials. This will also help us reduce the use of pre-packaged, processed food items on our menu. This is significant because when we cut down on the use of processed foods we give our customers a fresher, healthier product.”

Logo-watermark- photos - Lancer_Page_5  Learn more about Lancer’s sustainable practices by checking out Lancer Sustainability.

EvCC’s Guide to Planning and Hosting Green Events

In honor of Earth Week, April 20-23, we would like to share our tips and tricks for planning and executing environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable events.

By Molly Beeman, EvCC RCM (Resource Conservation Manager), and Sustainability Committee Co-Chair; and Hayley Edwards, Event Coordinator with EvCC Conference Services

Make a “green” commitment to your event.

By going green with your event, you will reduce the negative impacts to the environment, conserve resources, and support the local economy.

 1. Green advertising

Your attendees want to know about your commitment to being green – share your green goals on your advertising materials.  Minimize non-sustainable promotions and giveaways.  Promote the green with reusable signage.  Ensure that appropriate signage is placed at strategic locations throughout the event that describes how elements contribute to the “greening” of the event.

2. Communicate Electronically

Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise. Send invitations via email instead of using paper versions.

3. Go paperless with payments and registrations.

Consider electronic payment and registration services such as Brown Paper Tickets.

4. Buy Local

Opt for sustainable, local food sources.  Ask the food service provider what seasonal food choices are available.

Find more information through EvCC’s Sustainable Community Resource Guide.

5. Zero Waste

Use compostable materials and flatware. Request compost bins for your event.

Collect and store materials that can be used for future events. Consider donating extra food to local community groups.  EvCC Student LIFE or Veterans Resource Center can help get food items to students in need.

See how EvCC composts and re-uses Christmas trees after the holidays.

6. Rethink water options

DON’T use plastic bottled water.  Instead, use pitchers and “bulk water” with compostable cups or reusable glasses.

Check out how EvCC’s Leadership Academy reclaimed plastic bottles to create a greenhouse for preschoolers.

7. Transportation

Encourage alternative transportation to events, such as ride sharing, bus and trains. Provide a link to the local bus schedule, create an online signup for attendees to carpool, consider webcasting the event as well.

8. After your event

Turn off all equipment and lights before leaving. Send out important event surveys electronically.  Encourage attendees to continue using green practices after your event.


Celebrate Earth Week with EvCC, April 20-23rd.
Celebrate Earth Week with EvCC, April 20-23rd.