Fiery Flowers at the Firefighter’s Plaza

Red Dahlia's and other flowers on the EvCC campus.
Red Dahlia’s and other flowers on the EvCC Firefighter’s Plaza


Read more about the Firefighter’s Plaza and the Gary Parks Memorial Scholarship.

Photo: Everett Firefighter Steve Goforth and Erin VanRy, daughter of Everett Firefighter Gary Parks, with a picture of Parks at Everett Community College’s Firefighter Plaza. The plaza was created to honor Parks, who died while battling a fire that destroyed the college’s student union in 1987.

Three C’s of Wedding Planning – by Alanna Krueger-Yang

Alanna Krueger-Yang, an EvCC employee, married her husband Jeff, on June 28, 2014.  The ceremony was held in the EvCC Nippon Business Institute’s Nishiyama Japanese Garden, with the reception following in EvCC’s Whitehorse Hall.



Learn Green at EvCC

From EvCC’s Sustainability page, learn how we help make our campus green.

  • We seek financial stability by developing strong and diverse revenue streams.
  • We invest in our employees.
  • We invest in physical facilities to enhance the learning environment.
  • We practice environmental, economic, and social sustainability across the campus.
  • We are responsible stewards of our limited resources – proactive in fiscal planning and efficient in our practices.


EvCC has developed a range of classes that include sustainability components including hands-on as well as classroom learning

Below: STEM Whitehorse Garden; Student lead sustainability education campaign;  LEED tours and training.

Source: Learn Green | Everett Community College